Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Envision Teleconference:
Comms Sub-Group

The communications sub-group members of the Envision steering group held a teleconference tonight, with discussion focused around the coffee shop survey responses that we circulated recently as well as discussion of the charter that we will be drawing up to present, our use of social media, and so on.

As always, I helped to take the minutes during the phone call to share with everyone else via Facebook and Twitter; to keep you up-to-date with all things Envision!

Mystery Shopper Surveys / Questionnaires
27 responses have been received altogether so far, with one more in the process of being completed (I was contacted via e-mail by someone who had read my article in the Henshaws Hello! newsletter and will complete the coffee shop mystery shopper survey ASAP). More could have been completed by those who undertook the mystery shopping itself, but haven't sent them off to the Envision mailbox yet. Two VCC teleconferences will take place to share ideas on how to promote and gain further responses to the coffee shop surveys.

Future Teleconferences
The Co-chairs of Envision (Nina, Tom and myself) will be having a teleconference on October 1st, and there will also be two VCC (Volunteer Campaign Co-ordinator) teleconferences on October 6th to discuss further survey responses and the charter. I will be attending the second VCC teleconference in the evening.

Coffee Shop Charter
The campaigns planning sub-group had their teleconference on September 15th (minutes from the call will be circulated soon) to hold discussion around the charter. Some members have e-mailed ideas already, and further discussion will be provided by VCC's during their two teleconferences on October 6th.

Social Media
Discussion was had regarding our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter; both of which are doing really well, receiving strong interest and going from strength to strength. They are both interesting platforms to communicate and network with and make our presence known online. Our Twitter account now has 102 followers! The Facebook Friday rota will be discussed during our London meeting on October 23rd. I am also very happy to support anyone who needs help with setting up social media accounts and learning the basics, and could possibly hold a workshop during our London meeting.

London Meeting at Judd Street
The steering group will be meeting on October 23rd at the RNIB headquarters in Judd Street, London. This will be an excellent opportunity to catch up and discuss topics such as social media, the funding application (which is currently being redefined and redeveloped), as well as the charter and survey responses. If there is enough time, ideas for the next campaign could also be discussed and developed.

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