Saturday, 15 March 2014

My First Brailler!

I purchased my first Brailler on Thursday and it arrived today!

I've been learning Braille through the Fingerprint course books at Henshaws Society for Blind People, since August 2013, and have wanted to have my own Brailler ever since learning how to use one at the Manchester centre 7 months ago.

My mum recently discovered an eBay listing featuring a lovely turquoise Brailler, with the money from the auction going to the 4SIGHT charity in Sussex. I didn't think I was going to be able to win as I had my cane training that day, which overlapped with the item's ending time - but my mum was sneaky and had put a bid on it for me without my knowledge. When I came back home from my mobility training, I checked the eBay listing to see who had won - and it was me!

I'm thrilled to bits with my Brailler, it matches my bedroom perfectly (which is colour co-ordinated in pink and turquoise) and the money has gone to a good cause. It was also sent with a dust cover and a large pack of cartridge paper. I've already been Brailling lots of different articles today; including the basic alphabet and short forms, a passage from one of the Fingerprint course books I'm currently studying and even a shopping list for my mum!