Friday, 14 March 2014

Tattoo Designs for my Brother

Over the past 8 months I've been working on a full sleeve for my brother's left arm, which is now at the half-way mark of completion. He wanted me to design pieces that will eventually build up to a complete sleeve, working with him to create designs that mean something special to him - with the added specialness of me drafting and sketching them, rather than a tattoo artist.

Here are the tattoos I've designed so far:

Tree Design with Two Owls

Located at the top of the sleeve is the fifth piece I designed for my brother; an old tree featuring two owls sitting on a branch, tattooed in early March 2014 in Manchester. One of my brother's favourite animals are owls, especially the symbolism behind them, and chose them to represent wisdom, intelligence, wealth, protection and transition. The tree depicts very similar themes of wisdom, as well as strength, growth and eternal life. 

Lower Arm Braille Design

Further down the sleeve on the lower arm is the third tattoo I designed for my brother. At the top is the word 'seven' in Braille, as I'm severely visually impaired and am currently completing my Braille course at Henshaws Society for Blind People, so my brother wanted to honour this in his sleeve. Below is a number 7 design as if it were on the back of a football shirt, as my brother is a big football fan.

Two Ravens Design

Lower down is the fourth tattoo I designed for my brother, located on his lower arm underneath the Braille tattoo. It features two mirrored ravens symbolising mystery, intelligence, power of thought and intuition. Underneath is the word 'seven' in Greek. Tattooed in Manchester in late February 2014.

Intricate Wrist Piece

This is the second tattoo I designed for my brother, banded around his left wrist to finish off the sleeve. He wanted an intricate pattern to match that of the first tattoo I designed for him (see below), with the word 'seven' woven inside the pattern - as seen in the left image - his favourite number and part of his birthdate. Tattooed in Manchester in early 2014.

Heptagon Chest Piece

This is the first tattoo I designed for my brother, located on the left-hand side of his upper chest. His favourite number is seven, so he wanted a heptagon with 7 sides and an intricate pattern inside. He got this piece tattooed in Thailand after he graduated from the University of Lancashire, in the summer of 2013.

I've had lots of fun designing these pieces so far. As a keen artist, it's another way of having a portfolio in some aspects! I'm deeply honoured that my brother wanted me to have control over a full sleeve, which will feature a big portion of his tattoos in total, and to have a tribute to me in that way.

I've just completed another tattoo of a praying angel, which is being inked tomorrow. I shall update the post when the design is incorporated into the sleeve!