Thursday, 16 July 2015

Henshaws Summer Appeal 2015

Henshaws, a charity I volunteer for weekly and have been a service user of for over 2 years, have recently launched their Summer Appeal; complete with new branding, as seen on their website, social media accounts and in their new mailings to fundraisers and supporters, which features photos by yours truly from my recent photo session

As part of the Summer Appeal, I recount how before becoming a service user I would barely leave the house, after leaving high school and losing more of my vision to the point of near blindness, and felt like my life was over. Henshaws helped me to meet new people in the same position as myself, make the most out of the accessible technology that is available today and learn daily living skills around mobility and cooking.

They have had a huge hand in improving my confidence, independence and my sense of self-worth to go beyond expectations. I am now planning to return to my art and illustration this September by going to the Leeds College of Art; and this is something I would never have dreamed of doing before going to the Henshaws Resource Centre in Old Trafford. After having a huge lack of support the first time I went to college I was put off going back into further education for the longest time, but with completing the Skillstep course last summer I was given the reassurance I needed that going to college was the next logical step in my journey!

You can donate to Henshaws on their website, either by giving £5, £10, £15 or an amount of your choice. I recorded a "thank you" video with my Guide Dog, Tami, which is e-mailed to donors by way of a personal thank you for helping to improve the lives of many people like me in the North of England.