Friday, 5 September 2014

Spotted on Blue Peter!

Spotted on last night's Blue Peter! (left)

I've received a few messages that I was spotted on last night's Blue Peter "Space Competition Launch" episode - which features Iggy the Guide Dog taking her first puppy training class at the Guide Dogs Training Centre in Atherton, Leigh.

Earlier last month, when filming was taking place, I was at my work placement at Guide Dogs as part of my 12-week Skillstep course with Henshaws Society for Blind People. I was lucky enough to watch the filming and take some photos and videos, as well as meet Iggy after her training session had finished! I had no ideas that I'd managed to make it into the filming though, which was a pleasant surprise!

Meeting Iggy, the Blue Peter Guide Dog puppy!

You can view last night's Blue Peter episode on the iPlayer by clicking here (I show up at 23:28 to 23:32) and you can read my blog post about my work placement at Guide Dogs (with behind-the-scenes filming videos and photos of the Blue Peter team and Iggy) by clicking here!