Saturday, 7 June 2014

Project iCare

Yesterday I met with O2 Franchise Talk Direct Project iCare Ambassador, Mark Skelton, at the Henshaws Resource Centre in Manchester. He kindly wanted to meet me so that we could discuss the project in person and in-depth and have the opportunity to share my opinion.

I loved what I heard so much that I wanted to share with you, and as many people as possible, what Mark is doing through Project iCare and how it will really benefit blind and visually impaired mobile phone users. The exclusive Talk Direct Project iCare will assist the sight impaired with their mobile communication needs, helping them to connect with the people and things that matter to them. It is the first of its kind, giving support to VI and blind customers long after they have purchased their mobile device.

Samsung and Sony have recently sponsored the project and it has even been nominated for an award by Action for Blind People!

About Mark Skelton

Project iCare Ambassador

Mark Skelton worked as an Assistant Manager of the O2 store in Rotherham. In 2011, he began to lose his sight due to Diabetic Retinopathy, affecting 1 in 25 people, and underwent 4 operations to maintain his current level of vision. Performing the role of Assistant Manager became a challenge for him, with simple tasks becoming extremely difficult.

After confronting his Directors about his condition, Mark found that his company was very accepting and encouraged him to use his disability to help others. Between them Project iCare was created.

Mark says: "iCare is an inspiring new project aimed at helping the visually impaired use their mobile phones by providing them with technical help, ensuring that everyone benefits from the latest smart phone technology. The modern hand-sets are able to be adapted to suit any individual's needs."

For more information on Project iCare you can contact Mark Skelton via his Twitter profile.