Friday, 30 May 2014

Henshaws Blog Post:
Arts & Crafts Group

My fifth blog post with Henshaws has now been posted!

In my latest entry, I talk about the Arts & Crafts group at the Henshaws Manchester centre and the techniques we have learned in the Friday sessions from 1pm to 3pm. As one of the Friendship Matters groups, the Arts & Crafts group has a huge social aspect to it too.

In one of our recent sessions, we were introduced to Living Paintings - a charity that produces touch-to-see books for the blind and visually impaired - which are accompanied with other media, such as audio CD, laminated images and Braille stories.

You can view my latest contribution to the Henshaws blog by clicking here or on the thumbnail above. My previous blog posts with Henshaws can be found here.