Monday, 12 May 2014

Artwork at the RNIB Pears Centre

I recently donated a piece of my artwork to the RNIB Pears Centre in Coventry, after they got in touch with me via e-mail in late February. I restored the piece and sent it off, and the team have kindly sourced a frame to display it in and have also displayed it alongside my biography and short paragraph about the carousel piece produced during my GCSE art course in 2005.

I've now been sent a photo of the display to share with you all! I'm so thrilled with how it looks, and hope everyone at the RNIB Pears Centre enjoys it too. A big thank you to Liz Thomson and Sophie Edge for organising the photo to be taken and for displaying the piece. I'm very appreciative indeed!

The official RNIB Twitter account also tweeted about my donation!