Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Third Henshaws Blog Post:
Illustrations for Insight Magazine

My third blog post with Henshaws has now been posted to their website and online blog!

My latest entry details my illustrations for the RNIB's Insight Magazine and includes photos of the drawings I have completed so far - including my illustration from the current issue!

This entry follows on from my previous Day in the Life blog entry, where I briefly mentioned that I'm a keen illustrator and produce drawings for RNIB's Insight Magazine as their young illustrator, and will continue to do so for each issue throughout the year.

I explain how I entered and won the Young illustrator of the Year 2014 competition before Christmas with a piece that depicts my next steps in life, and the media whirlwind that followed shortly after completing my second illustration - thanks to the power of social media!

You can view my blog post with Henshaws by clicking here or on any of the above images. My next blog entry will be posted in a fortnight and will go into detail of how I illustrate as a severely visually impaired person, including how I organise my tools and manage and distribute my time between drawings.

I'm now finishing off my fourth illustration and will post it here when it's completed!