Monday, 31 March 2014

Second Henshaws Blog Post:
A Day in My Life

My second blog entry was posted earlier today on the Henshaws Blog, giving insight into a typical day in my life as a visually impaired person.

"I’m often asked what it’s like to live life with a visual impairment. Many people think that it must differ remarkably from a sighted person’s day-to-day life, but I actually enjoy doing the same things that you do – I just have to approach it in a slightly different way. I wanted to share with you a typical day in my life, to give you a better understanding of my daily routine…"

You can read about a day in my life by clicking here.

I have written some more blog posts over the past few weeks including entries regarding my illustrations for Insight Magazine, how I produce artwork as a visually impaired person, the arts & crafts group at Henshaws, and my Braille progress.

I look forward to them being posted in the near future
and sharing them with you!