Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Parliamentary Gifts & Follow Up

I received a package in the post this morning, containing gifts from the Parliamentary Outreach programme that I attended last month with the RNIB as part of the young person's campaigning network, Envision. We were quite pressed for time, so didn't have the chance to hand the gifts out to everyone. I received the Haggazine in my preferred format, as well as a Houses of Parliament bookmark, pen, post-it notes and coaster, in addition to an information leaflet about Parliament and the Parliamentary Outreach Programme itself.

A letter was also sent with the gift pack, as a follow up to our London trip last month. We will be having a series of regional teleconferences across the country at the beginning of December to catch up with each other and to discuss the next steps in our campaign. I've signed up for the teleconference for the North on the 2nd of December. I'm excited to hear how everyone's been doing since our trip to Parliament and the RNIB HQ!