Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Guide Dogs Home Visit #2

I had my second home visit from the Guide Dogs Association this afternoon! We quickly went over my medical form that I filled in at the beginning of October and then proceeded by arranging weekly mobility training sessions with a long cane.

I'm currently receiving mobility training with a long cane from a mobility instructor based with the Salford Sensory Team - but she can only see me once a month at the moment, as she is usually fully booked, and I feel like I'm barely making progress. I'll be issued my own cane by Guide Dogs very soon whereas with my current instructor, I would have received my cane at the end of mobility training, meaning I will have to continue to struggle around with a symbol cane. It's not beneficial to me at all as it doesn't identify any upcoming obstacles. It's only there to signify that I have sight loss to the general public when out and about.

 We also discussed the next steps for my Guide Dog training. I'll have someone different come and visit me in the near future so that we can discuss what it's like living with a dog, the needs (s)he will have and so on, and then we will progress onto the harness training assessment!