Monday, 4 November 2013

Guide Dogs Home Visit #1

I had my first home visit from the Guide Dogs Association this afternoon!

It was lovely to meet both Audrey and Phil, and we discussed at length the benefits I would receive from having a Guide Dog enter my life. I will have my first mobility assessment next Tuesday so that they can see how I'm progressing with my cane training; making my way safely and independently to and from destinations - something that will worked on over the course of my mobility sessions with my mobility officer from the Salford Sensory Team.

They'll also generate an idea of the routes I would like to take with my dog, the activities I'll be doing and how it would benefit me personally (I would like to go back to college - possibly at the RNIB college or the Royal National College for the Blind. I would feel much more confident going back into education and being among large crowds of people with my working partnership with a Guide Dog).

I'll officially be placed on the waiting list at the end of my assessment and then progress into my Guide Dog training!