Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Envision Teleconference: 24th February 2015

Envision held a teleconference last night to reflect on the progress of the first year of the campaigning network, as well as the changes it has made to the lives of the members involved with the steering group - whether it be through building confidence, achieving independence, developing new skills or networking with new people.

This was the final teleconference with the current steering group line-up, as voting is now open to elect members of the new steering group who have put themselves forward.

We first discussed what we felt we had gained from Envision and how that would benefit us in the future. Confidence-boosting, volunteering and employment opportunities were mentioned by my fellow steering group members and I followed this on with how my independence has grown from strength-to-strength over the past year since being involved with the network. I now travel on my own, with my Guide Dog, when previously with my cane I would request that a sighted member of staff meet up with me for the train journey. I'm also much more happy to stay away from home for days at a time without my family, thanks to the Parliamentary trip and RNIB Campaigners Convention.

Following this, we talked about what we enjoyed the most and the least over the past year. The Parliament visit was agreed to be the highlight so far, as well as face-to-face meetings at Judd Street and having the chance to meet other young visually impaired people from all over the country. I felt a need for more workshops and skills-building opportunities as many of the group have expressed in the past that they don't know where to start with social media and / or feel uncomfortable with either Facebook or Twitter and have trouble adjusting from one to the other.

To end, we considered how the running of Envision could be improved for the next year. Suggestions included more regional meetings, more involvement in local areas and the chance to develop social media skills. I mentioned how I would like more communication with the wider network to involve them more with things going forward and access to our social media accounts.

As mentioned above, voting is now open to elect new members of the steering group for the coming year. You can find out more about the nominees, their statements and how to vote via SurveyMonkey by visiting the RNIB site here.

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