Friday, 7 November 2014

Introducing Tami

I have now finally been matched to my Guide Dog, and I would like to introduce Tami to my readers! She is a Labrador cross Golden Retriever and will be turning 2 years old in a few weeks time.

My journey has lasted 14 months from first signing up, last September at the Fun Day event at the Guide Dogs Training Centre in Atherton, Leigh to then having my initial assessment, mobility assessment and final assessment this past August. I received the call yesterday that I had a potential match, and I wanted to meet Tami as soon as possible so the meeting was scheduled for this morning.

She was incredibly excited to see her basket of goodies waiting for her, including; bedding, bowls, toys and grooming tools! The first thing she did was pick up her squeaky bone and cat plushie!

Tami has recently joined the Guide Dog Twitter community online by taking the plunge and creating an account! You can visit her profile by clicking here.

Tami and I are a perfect match and we will be meeting again in 2 weeks time. I will officially begin my training at the Mercure Hotel in Bolton on December 1st!