Saturday, 23 August 2014

RNIB Thank You Card Designs

Earlier this Spring, I was kindly asked to produce some new Thank You cards for the RNIB, to be sent out to donors who have recently donated to the charity.

The theme was based on repeated geometric patterns, so I came up with a few pages of ideas which I then shared in person when I visited Judd Street back in April. My designs were held onto and shared in a meeting with other staff members - and it was decided that the below design would be perfect for their cards. I used many different colours as an idea to showcase this design, and the red / orange and blue / green were favoured the most.

With this research, I was then able to come up with four different card designs using the popular blue / green geometric design and red / orange design - as well as mixing them both together! I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

Mock designs are being produced very soon, providing information about myself and my eye condition on the reverse - as well listing my association with the RNIB, as their Young Illustrator of the Year and Envision co-chair and campaigner.

I will be sure to post the cards when they have been printed in the near future!