Thursday, 3 July 2014

Envision Teleconference:
3rd July 2014

The Envision Steering Group and I had a teleconference tonight, from 6pm to 7pm, to follow-up from the Campaigner's Convention that we attended recently and to give initial thoughts on the key learning points for Envision to implement into the coffee shop campaign that we are currently working on.

I have been appointed to the position of Co-Chair, as well as still being a member of the communications team, after the departure of Adele Waterfall-Brown. I took notes during the teleconference which you can read below:

Campaigner's Convention Follow-Up
Steering Group discussed initial thoughts and a follow-up to the RNIB's Campaigner's Convention. Group members all agree that it was a fantastic opportunity to meet with like-minded people and, at the same time, different in terms of their perspectives, experiences and approach to campaigning and we learned a lot from them. The social aspect was great to build our networks, both in terms of friends and campaigning. It was a very empowering event to see the impact of all of the different campaigns and to look at the bigger picture of campaigning - it does make a difference and is such a positive thing. It's vital to keep going and persevere, there is plenty of time to achieve your goals - do not rush when campaigning!

Online Portal / Learning Hub
For those who could not attend the Campaigner's Convention, the RNIB are working on an online portal where you can access the information and notes from all of the workshops and the open space sessions that took place during the convention's weekend.

Key Learning Points
Attendees should e-mail key learning points to the rest of the Steering group within the next week or so, if at all possible; providing a few bullet points of what they have learned from the Open Space sessions and / or workshops that can be of use to Envision and what skills or knowledge can be applied to our own campaigning work of the coffee shop campaign. Kimberley Burrows has written a blog post regarding the weekend's workshops and open space sessions that she attended.

New Members & Positions!
Adele Waterfall-Brown has parted ways with Envision due to her heavy workload; setting up her own business and planning her wedding. We have welcomed Naomi Stevenson from Royal Tunbridge Wells to the Steering Group, who will fill Adele's former position in the Campaigns Planning sub-group. Naomi attended the Campaigner's Convention and expressed her interest to join Envision, and has previously worked with Mohammed Mohsan-Ali from London. Kimberley Burrows, from Manchester, has filed Adele's former position as Co-Chair, alongside Tom and Nina. A list of who is in each sub-group will be circulated again, with the new members who have filled recent vacated posts.

Upcoming Teleconferences
The next teleconference, among the Campaigns Planning sub-group, will take place on July 16th at 2pm. There was discussion of Hugh Huddy possibly joining this teleconference or perhaps even some others in the near future.

Amended Mystery Shopper Survey
Signed off the amended questionnaire, which members can now distribute throughout their own networks; Action Connect, Henshaws Society for Blind People, Transport for London, etc. which can also work as a recruitment exercise; generating momentum and interest in Envision. In regards to the questionnaire, it may also be useful to add an age-bracket question towards the beginning, as it may be beneficial to ask all age groups about their experiences at coffee shops. This will gather more feedback and will tie into some of the target audiences of the other main coffee shops; Costa Coffee having a larger number of middle-aged females in the demographic of customers and Cafe Nero targeting older males. The more responses involved with the questionnaire - the louder the voice for change of accessible menus.

Wider Network
Discussion of the Facebook page, Facebook Friday and the rotor of looking after the page offering similar links of interest and updates from the group. Discussion of communication within the network, via e-mails. Perhaps quarterly main e-mails to the wider network compiling progress so far from each season, with smaller e-mails every 2 or 3 months in-between to keep them updated on everything happening Envision-wise. There are between 50 to 60 members of Envision altogether.