Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Third Illustration
for Insight Magazine

I've now completed my third illustration for Insight Magazine's March issue!

The theme is 'preparing for adult life' and my illustration was created using coloured pencils and a fine liner. It portrays me in my high school uniform when I was a teenager, looking towards the future of adult life and the tasks it includes - food shopping independently, washing clothes, preparing meals safely, managing money and paying bills. These are skills that I'm still learning as a severely visually impaired adult. I currently receive help from an enablement officer based at Henshaws Society for Blind People, who visits me regularly to help me learn kitchen skills such as using appliances, pouring hot liquids, chopping, peeling and spreading, and working up to preparing small meals for myself safely and independently.

The February issue of Insight Magazine will be sent out very soon, so I will post a scan of my second illustration and my small article when it's released!