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Artwork & Illustrations
The main reason I created my blog was to help highlight and platform my illustrations as a severely visually impaired artist. Becoming the RNIB's Young Illustrator of the Year in 2014 enabled me to reach an even wider audience and I was incredibly grateful to have been chosen. As well as my RNIB illustrations, you can view my card designs, tattoo designs and work on other projects such as the Scouts Get Active! supplement and the Memory Makers Project as part of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

• RNIB's Young Illustrator 2014 Competition for Insight Magazine
• Second illustration for RNIB's Insight Magazine
• Third illustration for Insight Magazine
• Fourth illustration for RNIB's Insight Magazine
• Fifth illustration for RNIB's Insight Magazine
• Final illustration for RNIB's Insight Magazine
• Magazine Scan: First illustration for RNIB
• Magazine Scan: Second illustration for RNIB'c Insight Magazine
• Magazine Scan: Third illustration for RNIB's Insight Magazine
• Magazine Scan: Fourth illustration for RNIB's Insight Magazine
• Magazine Scan: Fifth illustration for RNIB's Insight Magazine
• Magazine Scan: Final illustration for RNIB's Insight Magazine
• Artwork donation to RNIB's Pears Centre
• Artwork displayed at RNIB's Pears Centre
• John Lewis Birthday Composition
• John Lewis composition displayed at the Trafford Centre
• Christmas Card Design for Henshaws
• Henshaws Christmas Cards now available
• Tattoo Designs for my Brother
• RNIB 'Thank You' card designs
• Illustration for the One Man's Vision exhibition
• Scouts Magazine's Get Active! Supplement Cover
• Memory Makers Project: Holocaust Memorial Trust
• Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

As well as illustrating, I am also extremely passionate about campaigning; especially for the accessibility and equality rights of blind and partially sighted people. As Co-chair of Envision, a young person's campaigning network working alongside RNIB, I am able to help create this change by meeting with key people and influencing change.

• Visit to the Houses of Parliament and RNIB HQ
• Parliamentary Gifts and Follow Up
• Envision Masterpost
• Coffee shop mystery shopper results
• Campaign Skills Training Day
• RNIB Campaigners' Convention 2014
• Steering Group Meeting in London: February 2014
• Steering Group Meeting in London: October 2014
• Envision Teleconference: 29th April 2014
• Envision Teleconference: 3rd July 2014
• Envision Teleconference: 19th August 2014
• Envision Teleconference: 24th September 2014
• Envision Teleconference: 6th October 2014
• Envision Teleconference: 17th November 2014
• Envision Teleconference: 24th February 2015
• Envision Steering Group Results 2015
• Visit to the Police and Crime Commissioner office
• Conference with the Police Crime Commissioner
• EBU Event at European Parliament in Brussels
• Swap With Me Event at First Bus Bolton

Interviews & Articles
Since becoming RNIB's Young Illustrator of the Year and volunteering for Henshaws Society for Blind People, I have received a lot of media interest. You can view my magazine and newspaper scans, website articles and video interviews by visiting the links below:

• Interview with Salford News
• Salford Advertiser & Manchester Evening News scans
• Article with Daily Mail Online
• Interview with ITV Granada Reports
• Spirit of Salford
• Article with Quays News
• Interview with Henshaws (audio provided)
• Article in The Core magazine
• Feature in the Henshaws Vision newsletter
• Bright for Sight article
• Interview with Fashioneyesta
• Article in Puppy Tails Magazine
• Transitions Article for Trafford CIL
• Interview with VI Talk
• MaMoMi Initiative Interview
• Salford Advertiser Pavement Parking Article
• Interview on Salford City Radio
• Double Feature in Irlam and Cadishead Times
You'd Never Guess That... Spotted in Marie Claire UK!

Volunteering & Fundraising
As a volunteer for Henshaws Society for Blind People and Guide Dogs, I have had the wonderful opportunity of being a part of some incredible events; from giving speeches at events like the Fashion Fundraiser and Dinner in the Dark, to riding pillion on the back of a motorbike from Manchester to Harrogate, to collections and crocheting bunnies to raise vital funds. Most of my projects are listed here.

• Tesco collections for Henshaws
• Champagne & Chocolate Evening
• Henshaws Fashion Fundraiser
• Henshaws Sausage Run: Practice Run
• Henshaws Sausage Run 2014
• Bright for Sight Fundraising Pack
• Preparation for the One Man's Vision exhibition
• Installation of the One Man's Vision exhibition
• Bright for Sight: #No MirrorMakeUp Challenge & Projects
• Bright for Sight Dog-Friendly Walk
• Pride of Henshaws Ball 2014
• Manchester Beer and Cider Festival 2014
• Henshaws Annual Review: 2013-14
• Volunteer for Guide Dogs
• Dinner in the Dark event for Henshaws

Guide Dogs and Mobility Training
Mobility is extremely important to me and I strongly believe that improved mobility helps to elevate independence and confidence. Read my posts about mobility training with a long cane and being assessed for and training with my Guide Dog, Tami, to get a better understanding of what I mean. I now feel a huge amount of freedom when out and about with Tami and am incredibly proud of our partnership together!

• Mobility Training
• Guide Dogs Home Visit #1
• Guide Dogs Home Visit #2
• Guide Dogs Home Visit #3: Assessment
• Guide Dogs Match: Introducing Tami!
• First Walk with Tami
• Guide Dog Residential Training
• Guide Dog Home Training
Spotted in Forward Magazine: Summer 2015 Issue

Skillstep is a 12 week employability course provided by Henshaws Society for Blind People with the aim of getting people back into further education or work, whether paid or voluntary. Over the course of the 3 months I learned a plethora of new skills which I documented in a weekly series of posts. My work placement, in anticipation of being matched to my own Guide Dog, was at the Guide Dogs Training Centre in Atherton, Leigh. I now have certificates in First Aid, accessible computing and vocational studies centred around confidence-building, self-aawareness, assertiveness and decision-making.

• Skillstep: Week 1
• Skillstep: Week 2
• Skillstep: Week 3
• Skillstep: Week 4
• Skillstep: Week 5
• Skillstep: Week 6
• Skillstep: Week 7
• Skillstep: Week 8
• Skillstep: Week 9
• Skillstep: Weeks 10 & 11 (Work Placement)
• Skillstep: Week 12
• Skillstep: Group Photos
• Skillstep: First Aid Certificate
• Skillstep: Accreditation Certificate

Accessible Visits
As part of the Henshaws Art Galleries and Museums group I enjoy visiting various museums, art galleries, heritage sites and other places of interest, in and around Manchester, for an accessible talk and tour of the various exhibitions on offer. Accessible visits provide audio description, sometimes even a touch and handling element, to enable blind and partially sighted visitors to experience the same level of enjoyment at the exhibition as a sighted person.

• Visit to the Imperial War Museum North
• Visit to One Man's Vision exhibition
• Something Blue: Wedding Fashions 1914 - 2014
• 'Election! Britain Votes!' Exhibition at the People's History Museum
• Visit to Madame Tussauds in Blackpool
• Eastern Exchanges at Manchester Art Gallery
• Season's Best at Gallery Oldham

Here are some of the milestones currently on my blog. In a year and a half I am very grateful to have achieved almost 20,000 unique page views and 160 blog posts. Take a look back at some of my previous milestones:

• 1st Birthday!
• 50th Blog Post
• 100th Blog Post
• 10,000 Page Views
20,000 Page Views

Henshaws Blog Posts
I frequently blog for Henshaws Society for Blind People, as their original and resident blogger, about a variety of different subjects, relating to; my illustrating, campaigning, mobility training, daily living skills, and visits to accessible museums and art galleries. You can view all of my entries by visiting the links below:

• A day in my life
• What can I see?
• I'm slowly becoming more confident in everything that I do
• My experience as a severely visually impaired illustrator
• How do I create artwork as a visually impaired person?
• Arts, crafts and Living Paintings
• Braille has provided me with independence and freedom
• I now have more independence in my own kitchen
• Visit to the Imperial War Museum
with the Art Galleries & Museums group
• Bright for Sight 2014
• Mobility training and Guide Dogs assessment
• After completing the Skillstep course I feel
extremely optimistic about my future
• What does your sight mean to you? Take the
#NoMirrorMakeUp challenge to find out!
• High Speed blind dating at European Parliament
• It's about talking to the individual on how they
perceive their walking skills and needs
• I walk with a confidence I never used to have and
now can't imagine not having Tami by my side
• I quickly felt how spacious and relaxed the environment
was despite the constant buzz of activity inside!
• Introducing TechTalk: the perfect opportunity
to discuss all things technology
• Touching Olly Murs: a visit to Madame Tussauds Blackpool!
Volunteer Week 2015: "Volunteering for Henshaws gave me
back my feeling of self-worth"
Why Daredevil is Important
VI Talk: Sharing ideas, information and support

Living Paintings Blog Posts
I also post for another sight loss charity, called Living Paintings, who create embossed touch-to-see books for blind and partially sighted people. You can view all of my entries by clicking on the links below:

• Kimberley Burrows, Young Illustrator 2014
• John Lewis Birthday Composition
• Visit to the Imperial War Museum North
• Kimberley Burrows at the One Man's Vision exhibition
• Elephant in the Room by Kimberley Burrows
• Preparation for the One Man's Vision exhibition
• The #NoMirrorMakeUp challenge and how I apply make-up
• Visit to the One Man's Vision exhibition
• EBU Blind Date event at European Parliament